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Newnes Hotel Roof Appeal

We started replacing the old roof

We started replacing the old roof

The Newnes Hotel needs a new roof.  For many years we have repaired and patched it whenever necessary. But now the roof sheets have become so rusted and weak that you can’t walk on them anymore without causing more damage.

So we have started on the north side of the Hotel replacing the 109 year old roof-sheets with sympathetic new roof sheets. We had a quote for $35,000 for the entire roof which also includes the necessary repairs to the roof structure.

She’s an old lady and she needs lots of tender love and care.

Our cabins are now making money but 35k is a big lump of money. Would you be willing to chip in and help us to renew the roof ?

 The donation box is on the bar at Newnes.

We also started a crowd funding site on

Or straight into our account at Newnes Hotel, BSB.:633000, Acc.:154759377

Please let us know your name and where you are from and we’ll put you on the honour roll.

We greatly appreciate any help.

Newnes Hotel Cabins: Historical Wilderness Retreat.

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