Newnes Hotel Cabins

Historical wilderness retreat

Make Someone's Day with our accommodation voucher scheme

Get involved in our beautiful project and:
• Promote your business
• Entice your customers
• Reward your employees

Our business has obtained development consent for the construction of 9 holiday cabins and the restoration of the historic Newnes Hotel. We started in 2001 with the construction of the necessary infrastructure (solar power, water supply and sewerage treatment). Four cabins ('The Capertee', 'The Wolgan', 'The Colo', 'The Wollemi') are now operating and many happy guests are enjoying these facilities. Now we are turning our attention to the old Hotel, parts of which are sadly in need of care.

The back verandah of the Hotel is rotting away and the old roof is leaking in many places. Unlike in many parts of the world, where government help is available for privately owned heritage properties, this is not the case in Australia. So, we are hoping ro raise funds for these urgent repairs by selling Accommodation Vouchers to interested parties. The vouchers entitle the holder to accommodation at the resort.

The scheme:
The primary purpose of the scheme is to raise funds for the repair and restoration of the Hotel. Apart from this, we hope that more people become directly involved in the development of the resort and feel more closely connected to this outstanding place. We also think that the involvement of a greater number of people will benefit the level of business activity.
For the purchaser of a voucher/s the (tax deductable) expense will be a great means to:
    • Reward an employee or contractor
    • Present a gift to associates
    • Donate to charity for the less able to have a holiday
    • Donate as fund raiser, raffles, lotteries, door prizes etc.
    • Sell the voucher at a profit
    • Offer as an inducement in conjunction with another product

The vouchers:
The vouchers have a value of $250 each. This amount is for one weekend's accommodation in the Capertee Cabin for two persons. More people, a longer stay or a stay in the larger Wolgan or Wollemi Cabins will incur a surcharge according to the current tariff.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us in this project.

Newnes Hotel Cabins: Historical Wilderness Retreat.

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