Newnes Hotel Cabins

Historical wilderness retreat

100 years of the Newnes Hotel

The 'Oldies weekend held on 15th and 16th September, 2007 was a great event. About 25 former residents came to Newnes - for many of them the first meeting since the last Newnes Reunion in 1968. It was a very emotional experience to see these old folk, all in their 80s and 90s meeting their old friends from their school days at Newnes.

2007 marked the centenary of the Newnes Hotel and also the 20th aniversary of moving "The Pub". The Friends of Newnes organized a big party to celebrate this event over two days on 29th and 30th of September. There was:

  • A museum display in the hotel showing the rich history of Newnes and the hotel;
  • A video showing the moving of the pub in 1987;
  • Musical performances from the hotel verandah;
  • Food! Food! Food!
  • Beer and wine at 'The Pub with no beer'
  • Stalls of local produce
  • Jumping Castle and Newnes Centenary Treasure Hunt

Update: Everyone had a great weeekend and we did not make a big loss. We are still looking for people who can contribute with historic photos, memorabilia, historic documents, or Newnes related stories which we could add in the museum display.
Please contact Thomas on 63 551 247 or contact us via email.

Newnes Hotel Cabins: Historical Wilderness Retreat.

Professional photography courtesy of Ian Brown Photography. Website by John Micallef.